Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You had to be there moment #1

yourstruly (8:39:36 PM): ill let you know what i think of the band
yourstruly (8:39:46 PM): hell, ill write a blog about it or something :-)
otherperson (8:39:47 PM): maybe you should review the Hold Steady albums on that blog of yours
otherperson (8:39:51 PM): hahahaha
yourstruly (8:39:51 PM): hahaha
otherperson (8:39:52 PM): there ya go
yourstruly (8:39:54 PM): there you go
yourstruly (8:39:58 PM): STOP READING MY MIND

So yeah, tomorrow, my first impressions on what might become my new favourite band...


  1. Zer. Nice empty blog ! I don't own a Blackberry but you will find many new favorite bands from the Church of Zer. Zer. À la tienne.

  2. The Hold Steady. Which I still haven't given a real listen to, sadly. But I promise I will.